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Engineers Managing your Interests

From concept to completion, an engineer is involved in each and every stage of the project; from conceptual design and site investigations, to Site Plan / Building Permit applications, through to construction and occupancy. Senior management are also heavily involved in all project stages, giving our clients peace of mind, knowing that their project is being managed and engineered to the highest standard. 


Each project and every client is different. We have staff with experience in designing and constructing more than 200 projects throughout South Western Ontario. With this experience we are able to implement "Value Engineering,"


                 *Value Engineering: a method that allows for alternate designs and materials to reduce project costs throughout each stage of the project.) 

Protecting your Investment 

We have the necessary infrastructure and resources to ensure that the final product is properly assembled and certified. Our warranties and customer service are world class; thereby ensuring that if an issue arises, it is dealt with immediately and professionally. 

Competitive Pricing

Previous clients will attest to the fact that we offer very aggressive pricing without sacrificing quality and integrity of the project. 

Sub-Trade Expertise 

Our sub-trades are involved in the design of all our projects. Having sub-trades with expertise in their respective fields ensures we are able to take advantage of the latest construction practices and materials; while maintaining adherence to all applicable building code requirements. 

Shortened Construction Schedules 

We have never missed a deadline. We specialize in condensing schedules to meet fast-track requirements without comprising the finished product. By using Network Diagrams and CPM methodologies we are able to identify the critical scheduling activities so that the required deadlines are met. 

Health and Safety

Our core commitment is to send every worker home safe. All of our employees are trained to recognize and correct all site safety hazards, and as a member of the WSIB Safety Group, we work with and implement all of the prevention and education initiatives which are incorporated into our company policies and procedures. 

To ensure the success of our safety program, we also have highly reputable independent consultants who conduct regular safety audits on all of our projects. 

Education & Training 

We believe in ensuring that our staff are fully trained and up to date on all codes and methodologies for delivering a project. Education is part of the experience that ensures our team works more efficiently and is able to better communicate with all parties to ensure a successful project.

Conventional and Pre-Engineered Buildings

There are two primary types of building that can be constructed; Conventional or Pre-Engineered. We have provided a brief description of each below to assist you with understanding what you require.

1. Conventional Building Construction 

Conventional buildings consist of a flat roof, such as tar and gravel; steel columns, beams, and joists form the primary structure; and girts form the secondary structure. HVAC equipment is normally placed on the roof as are penetrations to handle roof water and runoff. 

2. Pre-Engineered Building Construction 

A pre-engineered building consists of a sloped metal roof; with steel columns / frames forming the primary structure; purlins and girts forming the secondary structure. HVAC equipment is normally placed inside the building and gutters/downspouts send the roof water to grade or to underground systems. We are an authorized dealer for Steelway Building Systems; a privately owned Canadian company which manufactures steel building systems. 



Both types of building constructions can use the following systems to form the building envelope: 

1. Masonry 
2. EIFS (External Insulated Finishing Systems - more familiarly known as stucco) 
3. Metal Siding

4. Glazing

5. Pre-Cast Concrete Panels

6. Tilt-Up Concrete Panels

7. Aluminum Paneling 


Renovations / Retrofits

Renovations and Retrofits require a solid knowledge of building code, engineering, and construction methodologies. Whether it is as simple as adding a washroom to an office or installing a machine foundation; or it is as complicated as raising the height of an existing building, we have the design and construction capabilities at your disposal.

Greenfield Developments

This is an area where we offer solid value to our clients. Not only do we have expertise in building architecture and construction, we are also experts in land evaluation and civil / municipal design. One of the major project costs is the development of the property outside the building. From soil and environmental investigations through to parking requirements and site infrastructure, we can provide all of this information to you on any site showing cost implications in a minimal amount of time. Why? Because we have the engineering, estimating, and construction experience all under one roof!

Interior Finishes

In terms of interior finishing, we are referring to creating a finished space for office or commercial use. We offer functional programming (space planning) services to take into account how your business operates.

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