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Design Build 

Qualified professionals develop all designs within our office. The project is usually quoted as a lump sum price. Design-Build offers many advantages over other project delivery methods for the owner including:

1. Single Source Responsibility - The design, permitting, and construction is fast tracked from the idea that both the designers and constructors are part of one team. In our case, we offer the further advantage that all parties are employed by Built By Engineers. 

2. Minimizing Risk - Besides the owner's request to change the building, and absent site conditions beyond the builders control, there are no "extras." If we miss something that is required, you will not be charged, unlike the traditional General Contracting method.

3. Value Engineering - We offers expertise in both design and construction, which results in major savings to the owner by implementing "Value Engineering." Value Engineering allows us to involve the owner on cost saving strategies, alternate materials, etc. while maintaining perspective on the final product. 

4. Cost Savings - Our design fees are far below what you would pay for consulting engineers to construct your project. Savings can be as high as 10% of the project costs. 

Design Fee's as a Percentage of Construction Cost


Design Stage


Architect + Engineer + G.C

Design Build

Design for Permits, Tenders, Documents

Services During Construction








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